What to expect from smartphone cameras in 2019

A camera on a mid-range phone from 2018 can outperform a lot of top-end phone cameras from 2016, and even 2017. That’s thanks to major improvements in image processing, as well as the inclusion of better – and now, cheaper – dual-camera systems. But as the race to develop better imaging quality continues, we’re also seeing several other trends emerging in the smartphone imaging space. Here’s what you can look forward to from phone cameras in the coming year.

A look back at the year that was

There were three major trends in smartphone cameras the current year: multiple lenses, a focus on new computational photography technologies, and the use of AI for scene detection and shooting assistance.

Huawei’s P20 Pro was a great example of a device effectively using three rear cameras, earning the top spot on DxOMark’s image benchmarking leaderboard for 2018. The company later upped its game with the top-of-the-line Mate 20 Pro, which impressed with its imaging capabilities later in the year. We also saw three cameras on the LG V40 and the Samsung A7. Heck, Samsung actually went a step ahead and later slapped four cameras on the back of the Galaxy A9.

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