There Are Currently 9,000 Unsold Chevrolet Corvettes Crowding Dealer Lots

Every boomer’s favorite American-made sports car (also known as the seventh-generation Corvette) has officially reached its fifth production model year. As the upcoming mid-engine Corvette is nearing market availability in the second half of 2019, would-be buyers are sitting on their cash in favor of the new cars, and according to dealer-to-dealer supply data from eInventory, the result is a pile-up of unsold cars from around the country.

C7 Corvette sales as a whole seem to have peaked in 2016 and have been steadily declining since. In fact, customer-facing sales reached a new low in January 2019 after data revealed that only 800 Corvettes were sold during the entire month, a 20-percent decline from a year prior. This comes at little surprise given that General Motors isn’t offering any eye-catching dealer incentives at present time despite the model nearing the end of its lifecycle.

Yet, dealers around the country continue to requisition new stock of the aging sports car in an effort to avoid having their future allocations limited.

When purchasing a Corvette, customers go through the typical new-car ordering process. If one isn’t available at the dealer in the color, trim, or package that is desired, the customer can place an order to have a vehicle built to their exact specification and invoiced accordingly. However, if a constraint is placed on a particular configuration and the dealership isn’t able to order enough volume to guarantee stock, the customer’s order could be delayed for some period of time until the allocation can be made to the dealer.

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