The Simplest Way To Appear Much More Attractive

How to appear up to 40% more likeable and approachable.

Nodding the head increases attractiveness to others by up to 40% research finds.

Head nodders were rated as both more likeable and more approachable

It was primarily people’s personality that appeared more attractive when they nodded.

Essentially, nodding makes people more likely to approach you in social interactions.

Dr Jun-ichiro Kawahara, study co-author, said:

 “Our study also demonstrated that nodding primarily increased likability attributable to personality traits, rather than to physical appearance.”

The research, carried out in Japan, compared nodding with keeping the head still and with shaking it, as in indicating ‘no’.

Shaking the head had no effect in comparison to keeping it still.

Nodding, though, increased perceived approachability and attractiveness by 40% in comparison to keeping the head still or shaking it.

The Japanese researchers have previously found that bowing increases perceived attractiveness.

However, this finding may have less universal relevance in cultures that do not customarily bow.

The study used computer-generated female faces, as below.


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