The best and most interesting mobile accessories at CES 2019

CES has always been a hotbed of awesome new tech, and you’ll find the adaptable smartphone as the foundation of much of it. CES 2019 has been no exception to that rule, and we’ve encountered some pretty cool mobile accessories in the last few days. Here are some of the most interesting mobile accessories we’ve come across at CES 2019.

Digging through wires to find the right one while travelling is such a chore. If your main devices are all QI-charging-compatible, wireless chargingis a great answer, albeit one that comes with its own issues. Either you bring a wireless charger for each (meaning you take as many wires as you were hoping to avoid), or you make sure your devices can take turns. Unravel is offering a better solution — a triple wireless charger that folds down into a tiny travel package just a few inches across. It’s capable of fast charging three devices at once, or folding into a handy FaceTime-friendly wireless charging stand. It’s convenient, it’s portable, and it could be your new best friend.


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