‘PUBG’ Video Spotlights New Snowbike Vehicle

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ latest video shows what the game’s newest vehicle can do by featuring the Snowbike that’s available on the snowy Vikendi map.

Added to the PC version’s test servers just recently, the Snowbike is only found on Vikendi and lets players quickly make their way through the map. Two players can fit on the bike at once to traverse Vikend with the new bike currently in testing before it goes live to all servers.

“Dash your way through situations in deep snow with the brand-new Snowbike, available exclusively on Vikendi,” PUBG Corp. said about the new vehicle. “The Snowbike is a 2-person vehicle that substitutes the motorbike. Available now on Test Servers with PC Patch #25.”

But with the release of the Snowbike on the test servers and eventually the live version of the game, players will find that another vehicle has been removed with the Motorcycle no longer an option. PUBG Corp.’s patch notes for the test server update confirmed that the bike would replace the Motorcycle and also warned players that the vehicle wouldn’t be as sturdy as other options.


  • Snowbike is quicker and has better mobility than the Snowmobile, however, it is much less durable and easily destroyed
  • The motorcycle will no longer spawn on Vikendi
  • This means that players can still find and use the Snowmobile if that’s their preferred option, but only if they want to sacrifice speed for survivability.

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