iOS 12.2: Biggest Changes Coming to Your iPhone

iOS 12.2 is still in beta (and currently at version 2), but soon the update to Apple’s mobile operating system will be available to iPhone and iPad users. If you’re interested in knowing what’s changed and what’s new in iOS 12.2, then read on.

iOS 12.2 Beta 2

This version just became available to developers enrolled in Apple’s iOS beta program.


The gang of face-controlled animated characters have just got four new members for you to play with: an owl, a warthog, a shark and a giraffe. This is only available on iPhones with a TrueDepth camera (that is, 2017’s iPhone X and all 2018 iPhone models), or iPad Pros. Older devices are still unable to join in the Animoji frolics.

Control Center

Some quality of life changes have been made to the Music widget in Control Center. The button in the top right has had its icon changed to the AirPlay logo, and tapping it smoothly transitions the screen to the list of available devices you can play your music from.

Lock Screen

When you press the unlock button on your phone, would you prefer to know the date, or the amount of battery you have left? Apple has decided to change from the former to the latter in this update. We’ll have to see if this is a popular decision, or one that gets walked back after users find themselves forgetting what day it is.

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