Huawei’s P30 flagship will launch on March 26th

Hints of big-time zoom capabilities and a promise to ‘rewrite the rules’

A year after the successful launch of its Huawei P20 flagship series in Paris, Huawei is returning to the French capital this March to unveil its 2019 P30 series of Android smartphones. A tweet posted by the company this morning marks the official launch date as March 26th, accompanying the news with imagery of the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, and Notre-Dame de Paris with the pledge that “rules were made to be rewritten.” Notably, the teaser video includes a jump to a tight zoom on each of those photos, hinting at new and improved zooming capabilities from Huawei’s upcoming P30 smartphones.

The most immediate effect of this invitation to mark to our calendars is that it signals there’ll be no Huawei flagship phone at the upcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Given the relative dearth of leaks regarding any new Huawei phones, that might have been taken for a given, but now we know for sure that there’s still another month before the reveal of the P30. Then again, with all the high specs and performance of the Huawei Mate 20 Pro, the company can feel comfortable, even after MWC is concluded, that it has one of the leading smartphones on the market already.

With Samsung hosting a special event on February 20th, a few days ahead of MWC, to launch its new Galaxy S10 portfolio of devices, and Huawei again skipping the Barcelona show for its own Paris event, the big-brand lustre of MWC seems to be fading somewhat. On the other hand, both of those companies can be expected to show their futuristic foldable devices by the end of this week, so there should still be quite a bit of excitement and anticipation for the world’s biggest mobile tech showcase. Stay tuned for our live coverage from Barcelona, starting this Saturday.


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