Google Hangouts might finally shut down in 2020

Itā€™s been a long time coming, but Google might finally put the kibosh onĀ HangoutsĀ in 2020. According toĀ 9to5Google, citing sources familiar with Googleā€™s roadmap, the legacy messaging app will shut down for consumers after next year. No specific timeframe was mentioned.

This shouldnā€™t really come as a surprise ā€” in March 2017,Ā Google announcedĀ Hangouts would split into two enterprise-focused apps:Ā Hangouts MeetĀ andĀ Hangouts Chat. Ever since that announcement, the company began winding down support for the consumer version of Hangouts. ItĀ removed SMS support from the app in May 2017, urging users to instead useĀ Android Messages. Hangouts also hasnā€™t received any notable updates for awhile, and manyĀ die hard usersĀ have been reporting bugs as of late.

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