Galaxy Fold vs. Galaxy S10: How do they compare?

The Galaxy S10 is familiar and reliable, but the Fold is bold and exciting. So how do they really compare to one another?

This year is officially the year when foldable phones are taking the stage in earnest. At MWC 2019 for instance, which wrapped up last week, we learned about a bunch of new foldable phone ambitions from HuaweiTCL and Motorola. And while Samsung isn’t the first to release a mass-market foldable phone (that honor would go to the Royole FlexPai), it certainly is the biggest name to throw its hat in the ring.

That’s why when Samsung introduced its Galaxy Fold at Unpacked on February, it stole most of the spotlight from the other four(!) phones the company announced there as well (including a 5G phone). Though many are intrigued by the Galaxy Fold, not many will be able to buy it given its price, uncommon design and limited availability. Instead, Samsung’s steadfast flagship, the Galaxy S10, will likely be the Galaxy phone most people will purchase.

Still, we wouldn’t blame you if you were seriously considering both devices. The Galaxy S10 may be reliable and familiar, but the Fold represents the bold and exciting. Read on to see other ways these two phones differ in key ways.

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