Ariana Grande isn’t the only one: Celebrity tattoos gone wrong

Sometimes a tattoo isn’t the best idea – and celebrities are well aware of that from their time in the public eye.

Ariana Grande recently suffered from some ink gone wrong, posting a since-deleted social media post of a new tattoo.

The tattoo, which was on her palm, was meant to spell out in Japanese the title of her new single, “7 rings.” The final result, however, actually translated to a Japanese-style BBQ grill.

But Grande isn’t the only one who’s experienced some ink gone wrong. We’ve rounded up the celebrities whose tattoos didn’t last or didn’t turn out exactly how they were supposed to.

Johnny Depp
Who could forget Depp’s romance with Winona Ryder? Their ’90s liaison sparked some ink on Depp’s right bicep: “Winona Forever.” However, the two broke up and the tattoo didn’t last. Depp has reportedly changed the tattoo to say “Wino Forever.”

Angelina Jolie
Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton used to be an item, and what better way to cement it than with a tattoo? Like Depp, Jolie got Thornton’s name tattooed onto a similar spot on her left upper arm.

She has since had the ink removed, replacing the Billy Bob snake tattoo with the geographic coordinates for the birthplaces of her children.

Emma Watson
Despite her good intentions, Watson’s ink was still missing something: punctuation.

The “Harry Potter” actress showed off a tattoo for photographers at Vanity Fair’s Oscar party that was supposed to read “Time’s Up,” better known as the social justice movement and organization supported by A-listers against sexual harassment in the workplace sparked by the #MeToo movement.

Watson’s tattoo, however, was missing the apostrophe in between the “e” and the “s.” Watson took the error in stride, tweeting: “Fake tattoo proofreading position available. Experience with apostrophes a must.”

Thankfully, her tattoo was temporary, so she’s not stuck with the grammar error for life.

Ashley Greene
Watson wasn’t the only one with some forgotten punctuation. Greene has the phrase, “Life’s a Dance,” tattooed on the top of her foot. However, the “Twilight” actress is also missing an apostrophe.


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