2 Years of Trump Vs. 2 Years of Obama: By the Numbers

Halfway through his first term as Vladimir Putin’s Executive Assistant in Charge of U.S. Operations, Donald Trump claims he has accomplished more than any administration in history, including the highly successful Cash Money Records administration that took over for the ’99 and 2000s.

We wanted to see if this was true. So we sifted through all of the measurables from the first two years of both presidents in an attempt to quantify their presidencies.

Presidential Approval

We used Five Thirty-Eight’s combined poll averages to determine each president’s approval rating after 741 days in office. Here’s what we discovered.


  • Obama: On Wednesday, Jan. 30, 2011, Barack Obama’s approval rating was 50.2 percent.
  • Trump: On Wednesday, Jan. 30, 2019, Donald Trump’s approval rating is 39.6 percent.


  • Obama: 43.3 percent
  • Trump: 55.9 percent


  • Obama: 6.9 percent
  • Trump: -16.3

Winner: Barack Obama was far more popular. Donald Trump’s net approval rating (the numerical difference between the president’s approval rating and his disapproval rating) is lower than any president in modern history.


We looked at the data for the stock market, unemployment numbers and GDP growth.

Stock Market

  • Obama: The Dow Jones industrial average rose 5,632.09 points, or 42.78 percent, during Obama’s first 741 days in office.
  • Trump: The Dow Jones industrial average rose 7,219.45 points or 28 percent during Trump’s first 741 days in office.

Unemployment rate:

  • Obama: Unemployment rate: +1.3 points
  • Trump: Unemployment rate: -0.8

Black Unemployment rate:

  • Obama: Black unemployment rose 3.1 points during Obama’s first two years in office.
  • Trump: Black unemployment fell by 1.1 points during Trump’s first two years in office.

Real Gross Domestic Product Growth:

  • Obama: Real GDP dropped during Obama’s first year before surging back to 2.5 percent his second year in office.
  • Trump: The real GDP grew both years under Trump but not as much as Obama’s second year in office.

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