12 Apple AirPods 2 Features That Would Make It Totally Worth The Wait

Apple is set to release its latest iteration of AirPods at¬†some point this yearand that means that the rumor mill is churning out some serious lumber. Rumors are all well and good, but as you’ve evidenced, sometimes you can’t take everything¬†so seriously.¬†With Apple, anything is possible even if it seems like nothing is getting done. Perhaps this is the year that innovation takes the lead over manufacturing.

The AirPods aren’t as much an innovative piece of tech as they are a¬†status symbol.¬†After more than two years, it’s debatable as to what that status truly implies, but it seems odd that Apple has chosen to wait so long to release the AirPods second generation product. Other manufacturers are flooding the market with wireless earbuds, and while none have the Apple-branded sex appeal of the AirPods, at some point consumers end up making rational, functional spending decisions rather than making sure to get the ear dongles that match the phone under their phone case.

It’s natural to daydream about possible features for a new version of a product you love. This is something you use every day and while it functions fine, there is always something you wish it had that it doesn’t. You’ll start off with sensible upgrades, then quickly veer into the absurd, ridiculous and impossible. Those are where the best ideas reside, covered in creative muck that is thick with possibilities and dripping with a tortured dream of a future technology that will only exist in novels.

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